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Mc.Money is an online guide about how to make huge amounts of money with a Minecraft server.

Hundreds of people, ages 11 and up, are earning way over $100 a day. Crazy!

For millions, using their passion for Minecraft to make huge amounts of money online seems like a dream.

Mc.Money is an awesome tool for turning that dream into a reality.

Meet Adam (Founder)

Adam is a Minecraft server owner who began at 13 years old.

His servers have been enjoyed by over three million players and he has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars.

He loves helping other Minecraft players by teaching them how they too can create a highly successful business in the Minecraft server industry.


What will I learn?
Setting Up For Success

How To Create A Top Minecraft Server

Building A Community

How To Build A Massive Playerbase

Leading A Top Server

How To Lead Your Thriving Minecraft Server

The Process


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